Mohawk College Community Project in Partnership with City Housing Hamilton

How might we provide excellent student learning opportunities while providing cost-effective renovations to CityHousing units to meet the
community need?
Mohawk student cutting trim to size

Mohawk student cutting trim to size

Student Names:
All second year students in the Building Renovation Technician Program

Staff Members:
Matt Bowen (Manager, Tenant Engagement & Support Services) & Brian Kinaschuk (Manager of Operations, CityHousing)


Mark Lucking, John Deelstra, Brad MacDonald

Course and Department:
Construction Engineering Technician - Building Renovation – 462

Mohawk instructor teaching a student on-site

Mohawk instructor teaching a student on-site

While there is high demand for subsidized housing in Hamilton, CityHousing Hamilton has units that are not lived in because they need costly renovations and updates.

Students in their second year of the Building Technician Renovation Program at Mohawk College, are continuing their collaboration with CityHousing Hamilton to renovate city housing units that are unsuitable for use until renovations are complete. At this point schedules have been made and students are regularly working on job sitesDemolition and cleaning have been completed where necessary. Construction is well under way with the flooring having been replaced, and doors and trim being installed.

Next the students will install kitchens within both units including countertops and appliances. They will also renovate the bathrooms and install tiling, toilets, and general functionality while ensuring the space is a livable environment for families in need. 

Mohawk students installing a doorframe.

Mohawk students installing a doorframe.

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