Get to Know Us

At the heart of CityLAB is collaboration. It’s about Hamilton’s city leaders working hand-in-hand with students and academics from top universities and colleges to make our city the best it can be. It’s about taking on the toughest challenges and experimenting with new solutions, all while mentoring and engaging the next generation of leaders.

Through this collaboration, CityLAB will not only deliver co-created solutions that support the City’s Strategic Priorities, it will also provide a rich experiential learning environment for students and city staff alike. It is a pilot innovation program between the City of Hamilton, Mohawk College, McMaster University, and Redeemer University College. Together we unite to deliver a better Hamilton for all.

What’s It All About?

CityLAB works with city staff members to identify complex challenges related to the theme areas of Healthy Neighbourhoods, Climate Change, and Municipal Excellence, and matches them with faculty and courses from Hamilton’s three post-secondary institutions. Students and staff co-create and design an innovative real-world project to address the problem, gaining valuable insight and data that can be shared and potentially scaled up. 

Our Vision

To provoke students and city leadership to inspire, energize, and build a healthy, sustainable, and vibrant Hamilton.

Our Mission

CityLAB is an innovation hub that brings together student, academic, and civic leaders to co-create a better Hamilton for all.


CityLAB is inspired by the CityStudio model of campus-city collaboration based in Vancouver, BC. Its co-founders closely supported the creation of CityLAB and provided valuable guidance throughout the development process. We highly recommend you reach out to them for information on launching a similar program in your city.