Green Wave: Improving Travel Times Using Signal Timing Optimization

The challenge (and goal) is to identify and recommend signal timing improvements to improve vehicular corridor progression and reduce average delays
Students taking measurements

Students taking measurements

Ivan Balaban, Eric Bentzen-Bilkvist, Krystian Biernat, Sebastian Biernat, Nathaniel Booth, Andrew Brown, Elizabeth Di Tella, Ivan Drewnitski, Trina Fernandes, Dhaval Harpal, Jonathan Holmes, Shajin Jahan, Khang (Brian) Le, Rabin Maskey, Derek Napoli, Smit Vinodbhai Patel, Anil Kumar Pau, Padma Priya Prabha Haridas, Thair Shaqour, Christopher Toews, Brad Van Bendegem, Joshua Van Ravens, Dinesh Wagle, Mateusz Zalewski

Jeff Cornwell, Project Manager, Traffic Signals, Roads & Traffic Division, Public Works

Sean Nix


Course and Department:
TRAN 10000 (Traffic Engineering 4), School of Engineering Technology (Building and Construction Sciences)

Student taking notes in the field

Student taking notes in the field

Sections of Mohawk Road and Upper Paradise Road are currently under review to determine if improved efficiencies can be implemented with respect to signal times.

Students from the Mohawk College's School of Engineering Technology used the traffic modelling software (Sychro 10) provided by the City of Hamilton which assembles and distributes the turning movement counts (TMCs) and signal timing plans in order to study area intersections and analyze and implement traffic modelling. They also conducted field visits to validate TMCs, signal timing plans and (using a probe vehicle) travel time and delay through the two corridors and calibrated a traffic capacity analysis and vehicular progression model to existing conditions

Next the engineering students will prepare a “recommended scenario” traffic model containing signal timing parameters that will be recommended to improve vehicular corridor progression and reduce average delays as well as preparing a technical memorandum summarizing study process, findings and recommendations which will be presented to city staff. 

Google Street View at Mohawk and Upper Paradise Road

Google Street View at Mohawk and Upper Paradise Road

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