New CityLAB Staff: Jen Kelly, CityLAB Coordinator

Jen Kelly Blog Post.jpeg

In the process of completing my fourth and final year at McMaster University, I am currently studying Honors Political Science with minors in Sociology and Philosophy. Born and raised in Hamilton, I have always had a strong passion for bettering our incredible city. Over the last month of working for CityLAB I have met so many wonderful people working for and throughout the City of Hamilton. Although being a large city, there is a certain sense of community and togetherness that comes with living and working in Hamilton. Being part of an organization such as CityLAB has been such a fulfilling and beneficial experience for myself and others involved. CityLAB plays such an important role for students to gain real life experience and understand more about our communities. My role as coordinator involves reporting on our ongoing projects, communicating with faculty, City staff, and students to build and maintain our relationships. All with the goal of working to implement our CityLAB projects throughout the City. I am excited to be a member of CityLAB and look forward to seeing all we can accomplish in the upcoming year!