Winter 2019 Projects

A preview of matched projects starting in Winter 2019

1. Coming Together: Building Community Capacity Through Tenant Engagement

Staff: Christine Filinski, CityHousing Hamilton

Faculty: James R. Vanderwoerd, Department of Applied Social Sciences at Redeemer University College

Department and Course: CTS-410: Capstone Experience

Problem Description:Public housing provides much-needed access to affordable housing, but tenants in Hamilton CityHousing face a variety of challenges that limit their quality of life. Although tenants bring many strengths and capacities, these can be under-utilized or limited due to lack of awareness, isolation, communication barriers, or interpersonal conflicts. Furthermore, the stress of living with low-income can be exacerbated by tensions among tenants as well as an inability to make use of one’s capacities.

Challenge Statement: What obstacles limit CityHousing tenants’ capacity to engage and contribute to tenant well-being and how can these obstacles be overcome?

Goal Area: Healthy Neighbourhoods

City Strategy Alignment: Healthy and Safe Communities and Community Engagement & Participation