Creating a Vision for a Minimum Grid Cycling Network

How could Hamilton have a minimum grid cycling network?

Project Description: Our group is responsible for cycling infrastructure in the city. This project will focus on the existing Cycling Master Plan. As the City moves towards building more protected/separated bicycle lanes (think Cannon, Bay, Hunter) there is interest in creating a minimum grid network. It is important to identify the gaps in the existing network to make this happen, review upcoming projects and explore areas that could be retrofitted to protected bike lanes. The challenge is to determine what a minimum grid cycling network could look like in Hamilton!

City Staff:  Rachel Johnson, Program Coordinator-Sustainable Mobility

Deliverables:  Primary Research (ie. conducting surveys and/or collecting data), Secondary Research (i.e. review of literature and finding information from books and online)

Location: Ward 2

City Strategy Priority: Community Engagement and Participation, Healthy and Safe Communities, Clean and Green, Built Environment and Infrastructure

Availability: Fall semester 2019 (September - December), Winter semester 2020 (January - April), Fall semester 2020 (September - December)

Staff participation: Two hours/week

Number of groups: 1