Rural Transportation Options for 55+

What are innovative transportation solutions for individuals 55+ living in rural areas of Hamilton?

Project Description: The City of Hamilton has an Age Friendly Hamilton Plan ( One of the identified seven goal areas is transportation. Access to transportation in the rural areas of the city has been identified as an issue. There are three components to this project: 1) complete a scan of the 55+ population living in rural areas that do not have access to transportation; 2) identify existing rural transportation options; 3) explore different models of service that are offered in other rural areas and propose some solutions for the rural areas in Hamilton.

City Staff:  Sharon Mackinnon, Public Health Nurse

Deliverables:  Secondary Research (i.e. review of literature and finding information from books and online), Developing a recommendation report based on findings.

Location: City wide

City Strategy Priority: Healthy and Safe Communities, Built Environment and Infrastructure

Availability: Fall semester 2019 (September - December), immediately

Staff participation: Two hours/week

Number of groups: 1