Greenway Multi-Use Trail Design around Cootes Paradise

Design of multi-use trail facility requiring creativity and civil engineering. Preliminary analysis recommends King St and Olympic Dr.

Project Description: There are segments of existing multi-use trails in the vicinity of Cootes Paradise and this project has been identified to connect these various segments into one excellent high-quality multi-use (pedestrian and cycling) route around one of Hamilton’s jewels – Cootes Paradise. One critical segment that has been identified as a first priority is a link from McMaster University/ Cootes Dr/ Dundas St, via the King St right-of-way and Olympic Dr, to the intersection of York Rd/ Valley Rd. See map

City Staff: 

Cynthia Graham, Manager, Landscape Architectural Services

Darryl Bender, Project Manager, Active Transportation

Jessica Brommer, Quality Control Technician, Landscape Architectural Services


Dave Heidebrecht - McMaster University

Sean Nix - Mohawk College

Zobia Jawed - McMaster University

Kate Whalen - McMaster University

Course: CMTYENGA 4A06: Design and Dialogue Inquiry, CMTYENGA 4A09: Applied Project Experience

Deliverable(s): Interviews of key stakeholders including HCA, RBG, Community/ Councillors (2), HBTC, Urquhart Butterfly Group, Hamilton Naturalists, Dundas Historical Society, Rotary Club (Spencer Trail). Develop possible route designs. Technical studies including turning movement counts, spot speed studies, midblock vehicle classification studies, origin-destination studies and intersection-crossing pedestrian speed studies. Prep Winter 2020: use route designs and study details, continue consultation with stakeholders. Using all info created so far, create detailed design.

Location: Ward 13

City Strategy Priority: Healthy and Safe Communities, Built Environment and Infrastructure