Greenway Multi-Use Trail Design around Cootes Paradise

Design of multi-use trail facility requiring creativity and civil engineering. Preliminary analysis recommends King St and Olympic Dr.

Project Description: There are segments of existing multi-use trails in the vicinity of Cootes Paradise and this project has been identified to connect these various segments into one excellent high-quality multi-use (pedestrian and cycling) route around one of Hamilton’s jewels – Cootes Paradise. One critical segment that has been identified as a first priority is a link from McMaster University/ Cootes Dr/ Dundas St, via the King St right-of-way and Olympic Dr, to the intersection of York Rd/ Valley Rd. See map

City Staff:  Cynthia Graham, Manager, Landscape Architectural Services

Deliverables:  Primary Research (ie. conducting surveys and/or collecting data), Feasibility Study, Interivews with stakeholders, site investigation, design, and review with partners

Location: Ward 13

City Strategy Priority: Healthy and Safe Communities, Built Environment and Infrastructure

Availability: Fall semester 2019 (September - December)

Staff participation: Two hours/week

Number of groups: multiple groups could divide the loop into segments, or one group could tackle it all