We want to utilize technology to ensure excess soils are managed, tracked and logged in a transparent and efficient manner.

Project Description: Through site alteration permits, residents are permitted to import soils onto their property for the purpose of re-grading in order to improve drainage on their property. The various types of soil classifications with respect to quality that are permitted on any given property is directly related tot he zoning and recognized use of that property. The challenge is to track a dump truck from the source site where the soils class and quality is known, to a receiving site for which the City has granted a permit for site alteration. Conversely, this principle could apply to a generating site for which the soil quality is known to be poor and destined for a treatment facility where the City has an interest in ensuring the hauler does not re-route to an inappropriate receiving site.

City Staff:  Alvin Chan, Manager, Growth Planning

Deliverables:  Feasibility Study, App or Game Development

Location: City wide

City Strategy Priority: Healthy and Safe Communities, Clean and Green, Built Environment and Infrastructure

Availability: Fall semester 2019 (September - December)

Staff participation: One hour/month

Number of groups: As many as required. Our understanding is that is that this will be multi-phased and therefore, only phase 1.