HR - Go Green

Develop a business case to support the Human Resources Department's transition to a paperless environment.

Project Description: The City of Hamilton’s Human Resource Department would like to become a paper free environment. There is room for improvement and change with the current flow/use of paper. Although the task may seem demanding, the process is worthwhile as it can benefit the organization in a variety of ways. In order to become a paperless environment, an organization must be willing to invest money as there is return on investment in the long run. In the long run this investment becomes beneficial. Some of the advantages and resource savings are highlighted below:

1. Paper cost

2. Printing cost

3. Time and cost of filing (workforce hours costs)

4. Inventory management of paper files

5. Storage cost of paper documents

6. Cost of files/folders/Drawers

7. Improves circulation and space in working Pods

8. Hassle free from locating/misplacement of paper documents (Search is easy so allows easy business continuity)

9. Safe from any fire hazards

City Staff:  Sanjana Patil, Manager, HR Technology & Analytics

Deliverables:  Feasibility Study, Business Case, What should be in an employee personal file? What technology of data saving and retrieval can be used to create electronic employee personal files

Location: City wide

City Strategy Priority: Economic Prosperity and Growth, Clean and Green

Availability: Fall semester 2019 (September - December)

Staff participation: One hour/week

Number of groups: 1