Newborns and Other New Library Users

Removing barriers for newborns and infants by bringing the library to them.

Project Description: The Hamilton Public Library would like to engage newborns, infants, and their parents by helping them to access library resources in convenient ways. Following the lead of other libraries who have programs for infants, including laundromat and barbershop story times, we would like to have the students create initiatives that would allow to us send a book home with each newborn in Hamilton, or create a story time network with deposit collections in areas where there traditionally are not an abundance of books at home.

City Staff:  Lisa Radha Weaver, Director Collection and Program Development

Deliverables:  Primary Research (ie. conducting surveys and/or collecting data), Feasibility Study, Business Case, Prototype (physical), Design, Marketing Report, Advertising Report, Marketing Campaign, Pilot, Event or Workshop

Location: City wide

City Strategy Priority: Community Engagement and Participation, Economic Prosperity and Growth, Healthy and Safe Communities, Culture and Diversity, Our People and Performance

Availability: Fall semester 2019 (September - December), Winter semester 2020 (January - April), Fall semester 2020 (January - April)

Staff participation: More than 2 hours/week

Number of groups: As many as are interested