Sport Facility Guide

Create a searchable Sport Facility Guide for the City of Hamilton that helps us to attract new events in a user-friendly way.

Project Description: When the Sport Tourism Action Plan was launched in 2005, the strategy indicated the need for a sport facility guide in order to have an up to date inventory of venues so that Hamilton can attract new events and attractions. A sport facility guide would describe seating, parking, washroom facilities, change room facilities, media rooms, ice size and other constraints in a user-friendly, web-based database. Project components include both compiling the necessary data as well as designing an interactive tool that could be created for interested clients or associations that would allow them to filter/search for specific facilities and amenities they are interested in.

City Staff: 

Sharon Murphy, Acting Manager, Tourism and Events

Alana Henderson, Sport Tourism Product Development Specialist

Instructor(s): Laurie Busuttil, Redeemer University College

Department: Business/Core

Students: 20

Course: CTS 410

Deliverable(s): Excel spreadsheet populated with current data or prototype of a searchable, interactive web-based database.

Location: Citywide Hamilton

City Strategy Priority: Community Engagement and Participation, Economic Prosperity and Growth, Healthy and Safe Communities, Clean and Green, Built Environment and Infrastructure, Culture and Diversity, Our People and Performanc