Commonwealth Games Support

Is Hamilton ready to host the 2030 Commonwealth Games? Explore risks and/or rewards of hosting a major international event and develop a background report to help inform this important decision.

Project Description: While no commitment from the City has been made as of this writing, Hamilton may be developing and submitting a request to host the 2030 Commonwealth Games. The submission will require several years. If successful, work to prepare and implement the Games will continue for a decade. A wide variety of tasks and sub-projects will emerge from branding and marketing, to sports and tourism business development to cultural and event planning to infrastructure development. It is not known at this time what exactly will be needed or when. But there is a possibility of a decade's worth of challenging, innovative and creative work

City Staff:  Carrie Brooks-Joiner, Acting Director, Tourism and Culture

Deliverables:  Primary Research (ie. conducting surveys and/or collecting data), Secondary Research (i.e. review of literature and finding information from books and online), Feasibility Study, Business Case, Design, Marketing Report, Advertising Report, Developing a Website, App or Game Development, Marketing Campaign, Event or Workshop, The actual requirements will evolve over a long period. As yet, unknowns

Location: City wide

City Strategy Priority: Community Engagement and Participation, Economic Prosperity and Growth, Healthy and Safe Communities, Clean and Green, Built Environment and Infrastructure, Culture and Diversity, Our People and Performance

Availability: unknown at this time but could extend for every semester until 2031

Staff participation: One hour/month

Number of groups: unknown