Indigenous Naming Consultation / Workshop Package

How can we decolonize Hamilton Public Library? How can the library create open dialogue opportunities with the Indigenous community?

Project Description: To work with a group of Indigenous program students to create a consultation and/or workshop package for libraries (not just Hamilton Public Library) to use to open a dialogue with local Indigenous communities. This would be used for improving library services and documentation for this community. Ideally this would be a step by step process that outlines how to create a dialogue in an open and respectful manner. Particularly, I am looking to use this to create a dialogue around naming and the use of names for Indigenous terms and personal names for Indigenous publications and metadata in Hamilton Public Library collections (books, historical archival materials, digital, music, etc.); understanding that this can be a very difficult subject as there are significant differences between syllabics vs. the Latin alphabet and previous "interpretation" of Indigenous names by white settlers.

City Staff:  Tammy Moorse, Cataloguing and metadata librarian

Deliverables:  Event or Workshop

Location: City wide

City Strategy Priority:  Community Engagement and Participation, Culture and Diversity

Availability: Fall semester 2019 (September - December), Winter semester 2020 (January - April), Fall semester 2020 (January - April)

Staff participation: Two hours/week

Number of groups: 2